Kobold Variants

Kobold Shaman

Wearing the finest clothing and armor a tribe can produce, these kobolds are amongst the most deadly of their kin. Able to wield powerful elemental magic, they are no cowering wretch like the rest of their kind.

First of the Tribe. Kobold Shaman are powerful spellcasters. They are the spiritual leaders of tribes and shrines and often hold positions of influence in their communities. They might be leaders of religious sects hidden in the shadows of the dark below, overseeing depraved rites.

A monster stat block and an encounter to boot.

Kobold Warrior

Taller and stockier than the average kobold, these creatures are members of the warrior caste.

Shock Troops. Kobold warriors are unique amongst their kind for being too stupid to be cowards, making them the perfect choice to act as frontline fighters. They are used by tribal leaders as ruthless enforcers skilled at intimidation and violence. They work for loot and are too dull-witted to consider betrayal.

A monster stat block and an encounter to boot.

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