The Widows of Nech

The Widows of Nech

The Widows of Nech are thought of by most common folk as simply a cautionary tale, told to scare children into behaving well.

The truth is that the Widows are very real, but their own creation are so clouded in myth and legend that they are themselves mislead as to their origins.

The Widows believe themselves to be a necessary evil. The check to the eternal balance of the world of Adrenon. They believe themselves to be the servants of Nech, the god of death. They believe that the world can only thrive and reach its fullest potential if its people suffer. That only by overcoming strife and pain can people truly ‘become themselves’.

Thus it is that the Widows work to perform acts of incredible destruction, to create discordance between the peoples of the world and to ultimately become the architects of the apocalypse.

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