Shrine of the Malus Tree

Shrine of the Malus Tree

Part 2 of the Satisfaction of the Shade series

The Shrine of the Malus Tree is a 5th Edition adventure for 3-7 characters of 2nd-level and is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 2. Characters who complete this adventure should earn enough experience to reach 3rd level.  This adventure sees the party searching a swamp to rescue an NPC, only to discover that the NPC is working for the villain and that the villain is not all they appear to be. Although this adventure is part of the larger Satisfaction of the Shade adventure series, you can find the adventure in DMDave’s fantastic Broadsword Magazine #18.


  1. I have now purchased 3 of your modules. The first two were great starters for me to finish up for an adventure, and each $4.99 for Roll20. The Third one, Shrine of Malus Tree, was $6.99 and consisted of 2 maps and some tokens. No write up, no explanation. Just found it wanting.


    1. Dear Chad,
      Apologies for the tardy reply, this comment wasn’t forwarded on. The Roll20 production of Shrine of the Malus Tree was done by DMDave and apart from writing the initial adventure, I had no hand in the Roll20 content. The best I can offer is my apologies and that I will chase it up with them.
      Regards Tim


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