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Action Oriented Monsters

Action orient monsters are intended to give you the opportunity to create more lively combat. Some are villainous leaders of small bands, while others a single powerful monsters that might need a little boost to be a real challenge for your players. The concept was taken from Matt Colville’s Running the Game series on YouTube.

A leader will need a number of other monsters to support them to be effective. Their description will give you a sense of the type and how many supporting monsters they should have.

Sword Mimics

Here’s an interesting one for you, a monster and a magical item all rolled into one frightening attractive package.

Made with the amazing artwork of Daragonart.

Repulsive Zealot

This strange and twisted cultists is a master of arms and a spell user to boot.

Made with the stunning art of Rad Loot.

Krand – Farn of the Dakhec Druul

Krand is a sergeant within the heavy company, where his iron will and relentless vigour has kept him in charge.

Krand leads between six and ten other hobgoblins and might be command of a small garrison, gatehouse or dungeon.

Relenar – Conjuration Wizard

Relenar is a conjuration wizard of Stormtops, Pamor’s College of Magi.

Ambitious, arrogant and manipulative, Relenar has few friends, but has a single-minded focus that has made Relenar extremely powerful.

Relenar is a cunning adversary and has trained to become a deadly combatant, even going so far as to fight and conquer the Gleaming Horn, Pamor’s Gladiatorial Arena.

Relenar’s only goal is more power and doesn’t care if the cost harms others.

Blight Spider

This vicious monster was once a giant spider but has feasted on the chaotic energy of the demonic realm. This corruption has provided the spider with new abilities but has fractured its mind into pieces.

Now they crave only chaos and destruction. No longer do they eat what they kill but instead tear it to pieces in their insanity.

Despite this, the blight spider’s only instinct it to stay near to this newfound source of power.

Gorag the Festering

Gorag was cursed by Ryuna, the goddess of luck. The curse made the already repugnant creature’s smell become a stench so powerful that it was a poison to those nearby.