Factions, NPCs and Special Locations

Characters are what truly help bring your world to life!

Here are just a few factions, guilds, patrons and groups that you can use to add detail and flavour to your world.

Each faction has suggestions of NPCs to use and has a special NPC created to act as a contact for your party.

You’ll also find special locations to use in your adventures, such as the Fits Sew Good magic item shop.

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The Blood Spear

A Curse of Strahd Supplement

Kavan was a ruthless chieftain whose tribe Jived in the Balinok Mountains centuries before the arrival of Strahd von Zarovich. Although he was very much alive, Kavan had some traits in common with vampires: he slept during the day and hunted at night, he drank the blood of his prey, and be lived underground. in battle, he wielded a spear stained with blood. His was the first blood spear, a weapon that drains life from those it kills and transfers that life to its wielder, imbuing that individual with the stamina to keep fighting.

Blinsky Toys

A Curse of Strahd supplement

I’m currently running Curse of Strahd and found that there were no magic items shops mentioned at all.

As a DM that enjoys high-magic campaigns, this was something I had to remedy.

Who better to become the local dealer of the strange and arcane but Gadof Blinsky.

This supplement offers a number of magic item tables for your players to peruse and a new stat block to go with Blinsky’s new job.


The Taunters

The Taunters are Pamor’s most powerful thieves guild. If something illegal takes place in the City of Shores the Taunters will have a hand in it and if they don’t? Well, then woe betide the fool who crossed them.

Come one, come all! The Taunters don’t see race or creed. As far as they’re concerned, a crook’s a crook.

Once upon a time the Taunters were Thought Thieves.

The Circle of Xynian

The Circle of Xynian are the protectors of the natural order. They desire balance in all things but protect the natural world before the people within it.

The Circle do not see race and are more bothered by the character of a person and the content of their actions. Most adventurers would find the Circle to be a force for good and would even be able to call on them for aid, but if the balance of nature is threatened the Circle will bring to bear their not inconsiderable power.

The Ebonhawks

The simple and only verifiable truth about the
origins of the Hawks is that they began life as
caravan guards, as so many heroes do.
The Ebonhawks are heroes, plain and simple. They save the world and protect the people within it, sometimes from themselves. There is no fixed type of Ebonhawk. They might be a terrible barbarian chieftain whose power in the might of their people; or a powerful wizard and master of the arcane who has the power to stop time itself.

The Ebonhawks stand against anyone or thing that would harm the people of the world, protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. But that does not mean that the
Hawks are all “good”, if such a thing really exists

The Widows of Nech

The Widows of Nech are thought of by most common folk as simply a cautionary tale, told to scare children into behaving well.

The truth is that the Widows are very real, but their own creation are so clouded in myth and legend that they are themselves mislead as to their origins.

The Widows believe themselves to be a necessary evil. The check to the eternal balance of the world of Adrenon. They believe themselves to be the servants of Nech, the god of death. They believe that the world can only thrive and reach its fullest potential if its people suffer. That only by overcoming strife and pain can people truly ‘become themselves’.

Thus it is that the Widows work to perform acts of incredible destruction, to create discordance between the peoples of the world and to ultimately become the architects of the apocalypse.

The Champions of Hnedun

The shining city of Hnedun dominates the Plains of Gold. The current incarnation of the human city was built less than fifty years ago, but its Champions have stood watch for more than a century.

The Champions actually only make up the one hundred knights commanders of the City’s standing army, but most people name all of the City’s defenders with the same title.

All told, the Champions can field ten battalions of five hundred men each and make up the largest standing army of the Sweetsea Region.

As such, Hnedun also polices the smaller city states of the region, although its army has not been needed to enforce its will upon these cities in nearly a decade.

The Emerald Knights

To understand the Emerald Knights, one must know at least a little of their history and the story of Rend, the Emerald Kingdom and Hidden Home. Centuries ago, during the Collapse, droves of refugees sought a save haven from the armies of darkness.

Amaris, the first King of Rend, opened his the borders and welcomed these people, offering them protection behind the Cracked Mountains.

The races of Adrenon lived in peace and Rend became a prosperous and powerful kingdom. The Emerald Knights were formed during this time also and it was they to protected the people and kingdom.

Fits Sew Good

Dornenwand is a small, yet prosperous town Fit Sew Good Magic Shop is a tailors and purveyors of magical items in the town of Dornenwand. The shop is run by Filinar Liajor (CG male high elf).

Find out more about both Filinar and his shop by downloading this supplement.

Ashryn Spire

Built just outside the frontier town of Dornenwand, the Spire stands atop a hill that rises proudly from the wrapping confines of the Andernwald forest.

The tower was built by the wizard Eigongeld the Patient, an Emerald Knight of Rend and, in his time, a hero and defender of the Kingdom of Rend. Eigongeld built the tower to study the stars and the planes beyond.

As a master of divination magic, he designed the tower to act as a magical telescope, enhancing his already considerable power.

The Sisters Loderr and Efowyn’s Emporium of Enchantment

The Emporium is a magical item shop run by the Sisters Loderr, a group of three gifted wizards.

The supplement includes a stock of magic items, a rollable table for additional items and a stat block for the sisters.

The Clockwork Thief

Dave is a scoundrel, a conman and creator of ingenious arcane devices. With this stat block and detail you could make Dave the villain of his own adventure, like I did, or an useful NPC quest-giver. The possibilities are endless.